Custom Pieces

Let us know if you are interested in a custom piece:

  • We can create these figures on any size/style unfinished wood (boxes, tables, chairs, stools… you name it!)
  • If you are interested in larger items (tables, chairs, larger wall hangings, etc.) we can work to acquire the piece you desire.

Please remember that due to grain patterns and natural variations in wood, all creations will vary from one piece to another. Always a one of a kind!

We can laser burn and paint custom pieces – Contact us with your ideas.

 Custom Options – All options will be discussed in detail to achieve the look you want to meet your budget.

  • Saw tooth hangers (arrives uninstalled so you can decide how the piece fits best in your home). + Free
  • Lazy Susan bearing (arrives installed for round or larger square pieces). +$10
  • Add hooks or coat hangers.
  • Paint a piece already listed for sale or custom (choose your color scheme). Cost varies by size (estimate +/- $20).
  • Burn a quotation, names or numbers (piece cannot have top coat). Cost varies by size (estimate +/- $20).
  • Add chalkboard paint. + $5
  • Add glow in the dark paint. Cost varies by size.
  • Epoxy (bar top coat) a piece already listed for sale or custom. Cost varies by size. Please note that pieces will have a delayed production and shipping time.